The t-shirt sizes available are the same unisex sizes (adult small to adult 3XL) available on our store. If you have ever bought a shirt from our store directly, you can use that as a basis to know your size. Due to supply limitations, we are unable to offer any additional larger or smaller sizes.

While the size chart image in the survey shows a female figure, the fit is unisex and the measurement directions are applicable to male backers as well. Measurements are in inches and are based on the high point shoulder (HPS) measured from the highest point of your shoulder to the hem, and the bust or width as measured across the chest/bust on the front of body only (not around the body) one inch below the arm hole from seam to seam.

Sizes are as follows:


HPS: 28 inches

Bust: 19 inches


HPS: 29 inches

Bust: 20 ½ inches


HPS: 30 inches

Bust: 22 inches


HPS: 31 inches

Bust: 24 inches


HPS: 32 inches

Bust: 26 inches


HPS: 33 inches

Bust: 28 inches