Many Kickstarter campaigns will only list reward costs for backer tiers and then charge for shipping in their pledge manager after the campaign closes. We chose to include shipping charges in the required Kickstarter pledges to avoid surprise costs whenever possible. However, a few Kickstarter setup errors involving a small number of international countries on select tiers got past us and were discovered too late to correct.

As stated on our main campaign page under "Shipping," all international backers will be charged $35 per shipment based on pledged rewards and add-ons, with total shipping due up front. As we found countries affected by the setup error, we updated our campaign page to list these countries in the same "Shipping" section, along with details about how we would gather payment of shipping costs for those countries. This same method is applied to any other country not specifically listed.

Any affected backers were not assessed shipping costs by Kickstarter. Missing shipping charges not collected by Kickstarter are charged by our BackerKit pledge manager when completing the backer survey.

If this situation applies to you and you feel that rather than paying shipping you'd prefer to cancel your pledge or downgrade to a lower cost tier, please contact us as soon as possible.