To do our best to address the desires of our fans as well as the requirements of our venue, we will be implementing the following, as we did at the 2021 Dragonsteel convention:

Have Questions for Brandon?

We will be holding an extended Q&A panel with Brandon on Monday evening. All spoiler, lore, and theory questions will be allowed—and, we suspect, many a R.A.F.O. will be given!

Tuesday evening as part of the release event, Brandon may hold a spoiler-free Q&A

Personalization and Signed Books

Every badge purchase will include one entry into a drawing to join a signing line Tuesday night at 9pm, after the release event. Winners will be allowed to bring up to one additional person with them through the line, and Brandon will personalize up to one book per person in line, and sign up to three books per person. Details on how and when winners will be notified are still under discussion and will be updated here as details become available.