Dragonsteel 2022 Book Number Policy

Book numbers for all pre-ordered books linked to your badge will be distributed at the check-in area for Dragonsteel 2022.

As this is our first year in this location, we are still looking into local ordinances and policies regarding how early attendees may begin lining up. Information will be updated here as decisions and plans are finalized.

Book numbers 1 to 1000, then even numbers from 1002 and up: These books must be purchased from Dragonsteel 2022 as pre-order or in person at the Dragonsteel Books exhibitor booth. These books must be picked up in person at Dragonsteel 2022 on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 and will not be shipped. Personalization is not available. Book number assignment is explained above.

Book numbers from 1001 and up (odd numbers only): These books must be ordered from DragonsteelBooks.com later this fall. These books may be personalized with purchase of the Personalization for Charity add-on to your book order (limited availability). Book number will be determined by DragonsteelBooks.com order number.

*Dragonsteel Books reserves the right to make changes to these policies at any time for any reason and at their sole discretion.