Ebooks will be available via direct digital download in the BackerKit pledge manager when they release in January, April, July, and October of 2023. Backers will receive an email with a link to access their digital downloads on BackerKit when the ebook files are added. At that point the files will remain available for download at any time by logging in to your BackerKit account. As these will be directly downloaded, they will not be tied to any platform.

Historically, we have made our ebooks available in EPUB and MOBI file formats, and this will likely be the case for the Secret Project books as well. The MOBI file format was historically the common format used by Amazon’s Kindle readers, although it has recently been phased out in favor of the EPUB format. EPUB is used by most other ereaders, including Barnes and Noble and Kobo devices. Many ereader apps (both free and paid) for computers and smart devices are available natively or through the appropriate store. All reputable ereader apps support one or both formats.

Dragonsteel Books is unable to provide technical assistance in downloading these files or adding them to your device. An internet search can help you locate many great resources and step-by-step instructions for adding your ebook to your ereader device or application.

If you wish to test downloading and adding an ebook to your device in the formats we use, Brandon's ebook of The Way of Kings Prime is available for free download.