Audiobooks will be available via direct digital download in the BackerKit pledge manager when they release in January, April, July and October 2023. At that point they will remain available for download at any time by logging in to your BackerKit account. As these files will be downloaded directly, they will not be tied to any platform.

Our previous audiobook for The Way of Kings Prime was made available in MP3 and M4B formats. We will likely make the audiobooks available in these same formats, perhaps along with one or two other common file types. Many dedicated audiobook apps (both free and paid) for computers and smart devices are available natively or through the appropriate store. Additionally, most music players capable of playing local files will also be able to play the audiobook.

Dragonsteel Books is unable to provide technical assistance in downloading these files or adding them to your device. An internet search can help you locate many great resources and step-by-step instructions for adding your audiobook to your audiobook player device or application.

If you wish to test downloading and adding an ebook to your device in the formats we use, Brandon's audiobook of The Way of Kings Prime is available for free download.