We are unable to provide an estimate on when any "Out of Stock" product will be available again in our store. We do our best to maintain stock on all products where possible, but we are limited by how much total inventory we can store at any given time as well as occasional higher demand than production or processes can keep up with. The restock process can also be delayed by many different circumstances beyond our control. Below lists out how we handle restocking our store products:

  • Leatherbound Books: All leatherbound titles will continue to be carried by our store indefinitely. If any title is listed as out of stock, we are already in the process of reprinting it but cannot provide an estimate on when it will return.

  • Signed Books: We unfortunately will not be able to stock our signed hardcovers on a regular basis going forward. We remove any out-of-stock hardcovers from our site, but we will put them back on in the future if the opportunity arises.

  • T-Shirts: T-shirt styles are rotated regularly. We may remove options for sold out sizes for shirts we are discontinuing. Some discontinued styles are added to our Amazon store when they are replaced.

  • Other Non-Book Items: While generally fairly stable, these products are discontinued and replaced from time to time. We will remove discontinued items from the store catalog once they are sold out. Items that remain are in the process of being restocked.

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