Dragonsteel leatherbound books are designed and produced to withstand many years of use and still retain their beauty. There is no need to care for them differently than you would other books. However, these books will show some wear and love after being held, read, and enjoyed. This article addresses some recommended dos and don'ts of storing and using your book.

Recommended steps to take:

  • Remove leatherbound books from their protective plastic wrap as soon as you receive them and before you display them on your shelves.
  • If there are loose gold foil spots on your book: use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe your book. You may get the cloth lightly damp if it helps.
  • Store your books in a climate-controlled room (such as a bedroom, den, entertainment room, library room, or other primary room in a heated/cooled housing structure) free of humidity and freezing conditions.
  • Your leatherbound book should be lightly dusted regularly. Do not use any cleaning agents while dusting.
  • Display your books either horizontally (flat on its side) or vertically (straight up and down). Horizontal storage is recommended, as large books with high page counts have the potential to lose their shape due to the constant pull of the paper's weight. If storing horizontally, we suggest placing paper, fabric, or other thin sheet of protective material between your leatherbound and any other book or support placed on top of your leatherbound or upon which it is placed, and the weight of these books can cause the leather and foil to stick or become scratched.
  • When transporting your books or storing them anywhere other than on a bookshelf, books should be wrapped in paper and packed in a cardboard box.
  • Be sure your hands are clean when handling your book.

Please avoid:

  • Storing your leatherbound books (or bookshelves containing your leatherbound books) above or near radiators, stoves, or other sources of heat.
  • Storing leatherbound books where the book is exposed to direct sunlight regularly or consistently (e.g., where sunlight through a window falls on your book every day).
  • Storing your book where there is seepage or damp conditions, such as those found in storage rooms, cellars, or basements.
  • Having water or other liquids near your book. Water is the single most destructive element to books, leather or otherwise.
  • Storing your books on an angle, as this can cause them to lose their shape.
  • Using lotions or creams on your hands when handling your book.

Optional considerations:

Oils, lotions, creams, and sweat on hands, as well as regular handling of your leatherbound book have been known to cause foil to be rubbed off or show wear. Some of our fans have found that wearing inexpensive cotton gloves or using hands-free book holders while reading has helped preserve the look of the foil.