Each pledge contains different items. Please see your individual pledge for what items are included in your order. Here are the items for the $650 tier.

Physical Rewards:
1x Words of Radiance Leatherbound - Signed
1x Dragonsteel Prime Hardcover

1x New Secret Project Box
  • New Secret Project premium hardcover by Brandon Sanderson
  • New Secret Project bookmark
  • New Secret Project sticker 
  • New Secret Project pin

1x Backer Pack
  • Words of Radiance epic bookmark
  • Spren-themed playing cards
  • Exclusive Dragonsteel Prime pin
  • Stormlight coaster set
  • Zinc alloy character coin

10x Radiant Packs - One of each Order
  • Zinc alloy spren character pin
  • Zinc alloy spren coin
  • Zinc alloy Radiant Order charm set
  • Radiant Order decal sheet 
  • Radiant Order banner 

Digital Rewards:
1x New Secret Project audiobook
1x New Secret Project ebook
1x Dragonsteel Prime ebook
1x Dragonsteel Prime audiobook

New Secret Project rewards ship mid 2025.

All backers at this tier will receive the New Secret Project audiobook files in MP3 and M4B formats, as well as an Audible redemption code.