Our Kickstarter campaign was available through the month of March 2022. We were able to offer fans additional time to join late via a “pre-order” store through the month of April 2022.

The pledge phase of our campaign is now over. As we are actively moving forward with reward production and fulfillment, we are no longer able to add late backers or update existing pledges.

On a positive note, these books and swag rewards will be available for purchase after backer fulfillment.

Digital Editions

The Dragonsteel published (i.e. English language) ebook and audiobook formats for all Secret Novel titles will be available starting the second Tuesday (the 10th or 11th) of each month that the digital books are fulfilled to the backers (January, April, July, and October.)

The ebooks should be available on all platforms you expect.

The audiobooks will be available on several services, but we recommend Spotify or Speechify. These titles should be $15 each—about the price of a standard Audible credit. Our audio editions will not be available on Audible for the foreseeable future. See Brandon's 2022 State of the Sanderson post if you have questions about the reasons for this. We will also not be selling the raw audiobook files on our store.

Physical Editions

Our Dragonsteel premium hardcover editions will be available through DragonsteelBooks.com. The books, book boxes, and swag boxes will become available for pre-order while supplies last beginning as early as the 10th of each month that box ships. Pre-orders will not be shipped until after we have completed backer shipments.

The individual premium hardcovers (with unique art, special cover treatments, two color ink, etc.) will be $55 each, and all monthly book and swag boxes will be $65 each. Only the books will be sold individually. All other products will be available only as part of their monthly boxes and will not be able to be ordered prior to the month the box ships to backers.

Commercial Editions

Tor and Gollancz will also be releasing their own commercial editions of these books in standard book form similar to their editions of Brandon's other books. This means standard hardcover and (maybe eventually) paperback books without the unique artwork, covers, and other premium features of the Dragonsteel editions. These commercial editions will be released approximately 3 months after our books release to our backers, and are already available for pre-order through your usual bookstore channels.

Commercial foreign language editions will also be available through traditional channels. Some as early as the Tor/Gollancz editions, and some at later dates—even into 2024 or beyond for some countries. Information on these editions will need to be obtained through their publishers.