Shipping is expensive. In recent years, these costs have increased significantly. This is especially true for shipping to international destinations.

Shipping carriers (we primarily use the United States Postal Service and FedEx) set shipment prices based on their own operating costs to be able to deliver a package. While we continue to work with our carriers to negotiate lower costs, we do not set shipping costs and we have to pay what the carriers charge us to get your orders to you.

We have calculated costs and set up flat-rate shipping charges based on region and cart total. Shipping prices will increase as you add to your cart, up to $50 worth of products, after which shipping charges are no longer increased as additional products are added. This helps larger orders ship with less cost to our customers.

However, full shipping charges must still be paid to the carriers. Books are heavy, and shipping prices are determined primarily by weight. We often pay more than what we charge our customers, but we do what we can to reduce the burden felt by our fans.

We recognize the strain of shipping costs on our customers, and we continue to look into options to keep shipping costs as low as possible.