We are currently fully caught up on fulfillment. See our status page and posted updates for more information.

Our primary method of communication with our backers is by posting regular updates to our Kickstarter campaign. Information in these updates include current fulfillment status, timelines, and upcoming plans, along with answers to common concerns and questions. Please read these updates for the most recent information available.

Planned Timeline

We will begin shipping each month's rewards as early in the month as we are able. Shipments will be sent daily until all rewards are shipped. With tens of thousands of shipments every month, we expect that our shipping process will continue throughout the month. We are unable to provide an estimate on exactly what part of the fulfillment process will include your reward.

Shipping Notifications

Once your reward box ships, you will receive an emailed notification from "tracking@shipstation.com" with a tracking number. You will also be able to find your reward tracking numbers in your backer survey. Please use that tracking number for updates or estimates on your delivery date.

Fulfillment Delays

When delays are encountered, we will post an update to Kickstarter. These updates are the primary method to disseminate information to all backers. Kickstarter backers can update their notification settings to receive emails when these updates are posted. Those who pre-ordered through BackerKit in April 2022 will also receive an email when these updates are posted.

Carrier Delays

If the carrier encounters delays, these are outside our ability to control or obtain updates beyond what is listed in tracking. Please contact the carrier with questions before contacting us. If you are worried that the tracking has not updated or that your shipment is lost, this will be handled the same as with our store shipments. Please see:

Fulfillment Status

Each Kickstarter update will include information about where we are in the fulfillment process, and what to expect. You can also find updated fulfillment percentages by month on our Secret Novel status page.